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Born in 1992 on an island called Öckerö in Gothenburg’s archipelago, and raised by the sea on the Swedish west coast.

Henrik's father Jens has always had a passion for nature, wildlife, and adventure. As a young child, Henrik travelled with his dad around the country to watch different birds and to hike in the mountains. That resulted in learning about the animals and nature at a young age, which today is a great advantage when he photographs all kinds of animals around the world.

At 10 years old, Henrik became fascinated by cameras and borrowed his father's Nikon F90. Since it was an analog camera, and you couldn’t take as many pictures as you wanted without using the film, Henrik often pretended to photograph different objects even without a film just because he was so in love with it. Four years later, he got his own camera, which was used extensively and he quickly filled the family's computer with all sorts of different pictures that he had captured. The following year, Henrik got his first real Digital SLR camera on a family trip to Thailand, a camera that always hung around his neck from the moment it was purchased. The same camera followed him to Svalbard and the Himalayas.

Having dyslexia made high-school somewhat challenging. However, Henrik loved the creative courses, especially a photography course where he already after one year got to take on the role as an extra teacher. Henrik photographed a lot during high school and partially started to work at parties and events where he photographed. After high school, he started working immediately at Gothenburg's auction house shooting objects to be published on the website. One day at work when he went through some photographs and prints that were to be sold online, he realized that he wanted to create and sell his own fine art prints himself. At that time wildlife photography was just a hobby, but after this idea was planted in his head, Henrik spent every weekend and all his spare time out in the rugged Scandinavian nature taking pictures.

Henrik explored different sides of photography for a few years and in 2016 he decided to focus on the type of photography that he loved. He went on a trip with his camera around his neck for four months. The trip included most of South East Asia, such as the highest peaks and deepest rainforests of Borneo, as well as covering all of New Zealand. When he came home with thousands of pictures, Henrik saw an extra potential in a few of them and realized that it was possible to sell his pictures as works of art. A dream had just come true. 

Since then, Henrik’s limited art work, including photographs from South Africa, India, Italy, Sweden, Borneo, and New Zealand, has been shown in art gallery in Sweden, and are now ready for the rest of the world.

Henrik is passionate about wildlife and outdoor photography as well as remote cultures. "My vision is to photograph animals around the world and create unique and extraordinary art from that. Then selling the pictures would make it possible for me to donate money and help saving different species and our planet that we actually share with the animals. Not only do I want the next generation to be able to see my photographs of the animals, but I also want them to experience them in their natural habitat, in real life.”

Henrik is based in Stockholm when he is not traveling off the beaten track somewhere on the globe.

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