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Limited edition one of 30

50x70cm - one of 15

70x100cm - one of 10

100x150cm  - one of 5




Amidst the sprawling landscapes of South Africa, a rare spectacle beckoned from below. A vast assembly of elands, nature's proud antelopes, congregated in unity, painting the plains with their majestic presence. Such gatherings are seldom seen, and from the altitude of the helicopter, it felt as though the world had revealed a hidden secret, just for a fleeting moment.

Conventional wisdom in wildlife photography often echoes the sentiment of staying grounded, seeking that intimate, eye-level interaction. However, with an insatiable quest for uniqueness, I opted for the path less taken. Elevating my vantage point, I ascended into the skies, aiming to encapsulate not just the elands, but the grandeur of their environment.

From above, the landscape transformed. The elands, though individually distinct, merged as one harmonious entity, weaving a tapestry of life on the vast canvas of South Africa's wilderness. Their synchronized movements, shadows elongating with the shifting sun, created a dynamic dance that could only be truly appreciated from this bird's-eye view.


"ELAND: A Skyward Perspective" challenges the norms, inviting viewers to witness the magic of the natural world from a fresh angle. It's a testament to the beauty that can be found when we dare to change our perspective, when we look beyond the familiar, and ascend to new heights.

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