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Limited edition one of 15

30x80cm - one of 7

40x100cm - one of  5

70x150cm - one of 3




In the heart of Haryana, a state in northern India, I chanced upon a moment that seemed to transcend time. Amidst the interplay of shadows in my black-and-white frame, cows stood with a gentle serenity, while a man, their caretaker, tended to them with unwavering devotion.


In India, the cow is more than just an animal. Revered as sacred, it is entwined with the spiritual fabric of the nation. Legends speak of the cow as the embodiment of the divine, and its presence is a living testament to India's age-old traditions. The reverence can be traced back to ancient scriptures, which uphold the cow as a symbol of non-violence, bounty, and the nurturing aspect of the earth.


The man in my photograph, with hands that have known countless days of toil, embodies a lineage of cowherds who view their role not just as a job, but as a sacred duty. Each gesture, each glance exchanged between him and the cows, is steeped in mutual respect and understanding.


The existence of cow hospitals, or 'gaushalas', in India further emphasizes the profound respect the nation holds for these gentle beings. These institutions, dedicated solely to the care, treatment, and well-being of cows, are symbolic of a culture that places paramount importance on compassion and reverence for life.


This image, with its profound contrasts and deep tones, does not merely capture a moment, but a millennia-old tradition, a bond between man and beast, and the unspoken stories of Haryana's fields. It's a testament to the enduring spirit of India, where ancient customs and beliefs continue to thrive, and where every living being is cherished and celebrated. Sidfot 



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