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Limited edition one of 30

50x70cm  - one of 15

70x100cm  - one of 10

100x150cm  - one of 5

Tavlor Henrik Wergeland_Sida_04.jpg



I've always been driven to photograph what others often overlook. Capturing the world's fastest animal racing toward me was a challenge I yearned to take on. The cheetah, known to reach speeds up to 58-64 mph (93-104 km/h) in mere seconds, is an epitome of nature's raw power and elegance.

Intrigued, I reached out to a Cheetah sanctuary situated just outside Paarl in South Africa, sharing my audacious idea and inquiring about its feasibility. Their response brought hope. There was a vast enclosure where these graceful creatures often ran and played, presenting a potential opportunity for the shot I envisioned.

Arriving the next day, a whirlwind of thoughts swirled in my mind. "Is this too risky?" I queried one of the sanctuary's caretakers about the dangers of being in such close proximity to these swift predators without any protective barrier. She reassured, stating that while these animals are generally accustomed to humans, they can occasionally get agitated around unfamiliar faces. My heart rate quickened.

Escorted by five guards, we navigated through two massive gates to access the enclosure. Having chosen a spot with a picturesque backdrop, I laid low on the ground, my mind singularly fixated: "I must capture a unique shot."

A few minutes in, one of the guards whispered, "be ready." And there she was, "Ava," the cheetah, sprinting directly toward me, her powerful strides echoing nature's unparalleled agility. The experience was surreal. I remained grounded, keeping pace with Ava's astonishing speed, focusing intently as she bore down on me at nearly 90 km/h. She drew closer and closer, finally halting to flash a toothy gaze. After a moment, she retreated, settling atop a hill, her gaze drifting elsewhere.

Quickly reviewing my shots, I turned to the guards, our hands meeting in triumphant high fives. With an image I had dreamt of for so long, I exited the enclosure, a sense of accomplishment coursing through me.

Cheetahs are magnificent creatures. They are not only the fastest land animals but also possess a unique hunting technique which relies heavily on sight rather than scent, and usually hunt during the day. Their slender, lightweight body is built for speed, making them unmatched sprinters in the wild.



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