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Limited edition one of 30

50x70cm - one of 15

70x100cm  - one of 10

100x150cm  - one of 5

Tavlor Henrik Wergeland_Sida_10.jpg



It was late, the blanket of Borneo's night had wrapped the rainforest, and exhaustion clung to me after a day of chasing wonders. Just as I felt the pull of my bed, an electrifying shout pierced the silence, "Mr. Henrik, I've found your serpent!" My guide's voice was thick with excitement. The promise of encountering the elusive mangrove snake — a majestic creature I had longed to photograph — jolted me back to alertness.

With only the faint glow of our torches to guide us, we plunged back into the velvety darkness of the rainforest. Each step was a reminder of the mystique that Borneo held; a land where ancient trees whispered secrets and every shadow could be a living wonder.

Suddenly, my guide halted by a grand, ancient tree. His flashlight danced upwards, illuminating a striking tableau: a two-meter long snake, its scales adorned with vibrant yellow stripes, was gracefully winding its way up. As I edged closer, the snake seemed to sense my presence. Its sinuous form paused, then started descending, positioning half its body almost like a dangling challenge. The distance between us shrunk until we were in an intimate standoff, our gazes locked.

Time felt suspended. The snake's gaze was unyielding, its tongue darting out as if tasting the tension in the air. As it inched closer, anticipation gripped me. I raised my camera, waiting for that one defining moment. Then, with the split-second grace of its flickering tongue, I pressed the shutter. Flashes illuminated our encounter, and in that ephemeral burst of light, I knew I had captured my dream shot.

Borneo, with its rich tapestry of rainforests, had presented me with an opportunity not just to chase my photographic dreams, but also to confront my deepest apprehensions. "Face your fear and never give up," isn't just a mantra. It's the heartbeat of every adventure, every challenge, and every dream worth chasing.

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