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Limited edition one of 30

50x70cm  - one of 15

70x100cm - one of 10

100x150cm  - one of 5

Tavlor Henrik Wergeland_Sida_07.jpg



In the vast, multi-hued tapestry of Africa, the African penguin etches a grayscale story that's as compelling as the continent's vivid tales. Often overlooked amidst the grandeur of Africa's famed wildlife, these petite birds carry with them narratives that are rich, profound, and vulnerable.

On a sun-drenched afternoon at Boulders Beach, a coastal haven for these creatures, I was intrigued by the sight of two penguins standing in solemn conference. The soft sands underfoot, in my monochromatic frame, took on an ethereal appearance, as if clouds of blowing sand swirled around them. These two stood resilient against the ephemeral storm, their feathers gleaming in sharp contrast, eyes filled with ancient wisdom.

African penguins, unlike many creatures, spend their lives in pairs, bound by a bond that's both profound and heartwarming. When they reach a certain age, these birds engage in a charming dance, a courtship ritual, to find their lifelong partner. Once united, the duo remains inseparable, braving the challenges of the wild, nurturing their offspring, and traversing the vast shores together. The portrait you see captures this very essence, two souls eternally intertwined, resilient against the blowing sands of time.

This very photograph, "Whispers in the Sands", is not just a portrayal of nature's exquisite beauty but also an urgent call for conservation. In purchasing this piece, you're not just acquiring art; you're embarking on a journey of preservation. With every purchase of this photograph, you will also symbolically adopt a penguin through the WWF program, a commitment to ensuring that the quiet whispers of these penguins do not fade away into silence.

Let this portrait be a constant reminder in your space: of the fragile beauty that exists in our world, the stories that often go unheard, and the power of change that lies within each of us. Embrace art, cherish nature, and be a beacon of hope for the African penguins.



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