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Limited edition one of 15

50x70cm  - one of 7

70x100cm - one of 5

100x150cm  - one of 3

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In the mystical landscapes of India, amidst the winding roads leading to Sikkim, an encounter of profound resonance unfolded. The world of black and white, where contrast paints emotion, brought forth the visage of a Rhesus macaque monkey, bathed in the gentle kiss of the sun, its gaze directed to the vast unknown, perhaps lost in a contemplative moment of its own.

There's a peculiar magic in photographing creatures like the macaque — their expressions, so raw and unfiltered, eerily mirror the depths of human emotion. As I treaded softly, every step calculated and cautious, our eyes locked. In that fleeting instance, a wordless exchange occurred, an understanding bridged between the worlds of man and wild. The moment was electric, the air thick with anticipation, and when the shutter clicked, I felt the weight of capturing something truly timeless.

As I retreated to the haven of my vehicle, the knowledge shared by my driver added layers to the encounter. The Rhesus macaque, besides gracing the wild terrains, has played an unsung role in the progression of human medical and psychological understanding. They've been pivotal in studies, notably in the revelation of the Rh factor in our blood — an intertwining of our worlds at the very cellular level.

This portrait, "Whispers of the Wild," isn't just an image; it's a tapestry of connection, of mutual respect, and a testament to the intricate dance of nature where every being, big or small, plays a part in the grander tale of life on this planet. Through this monochromatic gaze, may you find a moment to reflect, to connect, and to marvel at the intricate tapestry that is our shared existence.



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