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Limited edition one of 30

50x70cm - one of 15

70x100cm - one of 10

100x150cm - one of 5




On a crisp early morning, I ventured a short 20-minute journey from Cape Town to a quaint fishing harbor, renowned for its seals. The harbor, bathed in the soft dawn light, radiated serenity, untouched by the imminent daily swarm of tourists.

As I meandered along the pier, soaking in its tranquil ambiance, a voice punctuated the quiet, “Hey, come and meet my children!”. Turning, I saw a man perched on a pier-side stool, making peculiar noises. At first, I pondered if his morning beverage had been a tad too strong. But then, the unimaginable occurred.

From the water emerged a colossal seal, gracefully maneuvering its way up the rocks, before hopping onto the pier, right beside me. Speechless, I found myself sandwiched between this magnificent creature and the once-thought eccentric man.


The man, Leo, introduced the seal as Mr. Brown, his nine-year-old 'child.' He explained his unique bond, nurtured since Mr. Brown was but a pup. To Leo, these seals weren't just creatures; they were family. Over time, their bond became an attraction, with tourists flocking to capture moments with them.

Though I snapped some photos of Mr. Brown, something felt amiss. I wanted a shot that encapsulated Leo's story - their remarkable bond. Prompting Leo to sit beside his aquatic friend, I finally captured a heartwarming frame that showcased the profound connection between man and seal.

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