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Limited edition one of 15

50x70cm - one of 7

70x100cm - one of 5

100x150cm - one of 3




Nestled amidst the picturesque backdrop of Lake Como, I found myself enamored by the timeless beauty unfolding before me. With each gentle ripple, the sun-kissed waters reflected tales of romance, luxury, and history. And there, right in the heart of this mesmerizing panorama, glided an emblem of elegance — a Riva boat.

The boat, with its polished mahogany gleam, contrasted beautifully against the azure waters. I could discern two figures aboard, their sun hats a quaint reminder of days gone by, seemingly echoing stories of grandeur from a different era. As I set up my equipment, I felt the weight of the moment — the need to encapsulate not just the vision, but the emotions it evoked.

The legacy of Riva, an esteemed Italian shipyard established in 1842, is interwoven with tales of artistry and precision. Each boat is a testament to craftsmanship, birthed from hands that have inherited the art over centuries. This was not just a boat on a lake; it was a symphony of heritage and passion, a dance of the past and present.

With a careful eye, I framed my shot, ensuring the gleam of the boat, the serene waters, and the allure of its passengers were all captured. As I pressed the shutter, I felt a surge of gratitude — for being in the right place, at the right time, and witnessing a tale as old as time, in its purest form.

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